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Answer the questions on the form to tell me more about you, your manuscript, and your editing needs. This way, we can make sure we are the right fit for each other. Let’s get started!

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No. 01

How long does it take you to edit a manuscript?

This depends on the type of editing, the current state of progress of the manuscript (how much work is needed), and the manuscript's length. I work with my clients to decide upon a mutually agreed deadline that is then written into the contract.

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No. 02

How soon can
you edit my manuscript?

I am dedicated to my editing projects and I honour the clients that I work with. For this reason, I only take on so many projects at one time. Fill out my submission form to contact me and I can provide you with my current availability.

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No. 03

How can I pay
for your editing services?

The main way that I accept payment for my editing services is through PayPal. However, if PayPal is not an option for a client, there are other methods that can be discussed and agreed upon in the project contract.

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No. 04

How much do
your services cost?

The cost of my editing services varies based on the type of editing required, the current state of progress in the manuscript, and the manuscript's length.

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No. 05

How do I communicate
with you?

 I communicate with my clients by email, phone call, or video call (Zoom or Google Meets). I am in frequent communication with my clients throughout the editing process and I will reach out if I have questions or need clarification on something in the manuscript.

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No. 06

How do I get started with you?

First, fill out the submission form, which will provide me with the essential information about you and your manuscript. We will then set up a brief phone call to get to know each other a bit more and discuss the details of the work to be done. 

Get in touch
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I work with authors from a place of compassion and understanding. It is nerve-wracking to hand over a book that you have worked hard on for months, or even years. It can be challenging to hear constructive criticism about something you have poured your heart into. I truly believe that an author-editor relationship based on comfortability and honesty is essential to a book reaching its fullest potential.

I have successfully helped many clients with their editing needs and have done so through fostering genuine and supportive connections. Clear communication helps to get to the root of any struggles with a manuscript and ensure it becomes the best version of itself. I work as a team with my authors — we both want the book to succeed!

If you are looking to place your book in good hands, you’ve found them. I am not just a professional editor - I am your trustworthy guide and confidant.


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